Inauguration of the Estación Santa Rosanna

On November 10, the official inauguration of the Santa Rosanna nursery took place; the tree nursery and R&D center of the Investancia Group, the largest of its kind worldwide.

Santiago Peña, President of Paraguay, was the guest of honour in charge of inaugurating the new nursery, in the presence of Government cabinet members, directors and Investancia employees.

A total of almost 300 people attended the big event, including guests and logistics and organization people.

After the arrival of the guest of honour, Santiago Peña, the President of Paraguay, Marcel van Heesewijk gave an opening speech, which was joined with a few words by the President of INFONA (National Forestry Institute of Paraguay), Cristina Goralewski, and the Minister of MADES (Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Paraguay), Rolando de Barros.

After the speeches, a tour of the nursery facilities took place, to learn more about the critical work carried out by Investancia and to explain the techniques and procedures followed by its employees. The clonal garden, the greenhouse, the shadow house, the pump house, and the cutting house were shown.

Throughout the tour, explanations were given, issues were resolved, and the role of the investment group was highlighted. The technology of the greenhouse was shown and above all the great work and importance of the team of people who make the operation of the nursery possible were indicated.

After the visit to the facilities, lunch was offered to all attendees.

A hot day, full of energy and joy for inaugurating the largest and most important nursery in Paraguay.

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