Partners and suppliers

Partner on project financing, carbon assessments, certification and commodities trading 

Our partners and suppliers represent international and local best-in-class specialists with long standing track records in generics research & propagation practices, Chaco specific climate, soils, fauna and infrastructure know-how. 

The company also enjoys strong local political support and is a member of the Paraguayan Chamber of Biodiesel.

In order to obtain the import authorization of our genetically selected Pongamia as a new specie to the country, the company shared environmental impact studies between the specialized departments within the ministries of agriculture in Paraguay (SENAVE) the US (APHIS) and Australia (DAWS).

The company is further supplemented by suppliers which include professionals at all levels of the local economy, including members of the accounting, legal and valuation professions; agricultural management consultants and agronomists. 

To enable a fast and voluminous feedstock development we partner from small individual investors, large scale reforestation project developers through to direct contract production for the HVO industry.  

For the project management of large reforestation projects with institutional investors, the building of crushing units and off-take with the HVO industry, Investancia has a strategic partnership in place with Canopy Energy in Paris.

Founded in 2008, Canopy Energy is a Paris based specialist of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Canopy Energy is a solid international actor with a local footprint with more than 30 large projects built and operational in Europe and Africa and south America. 

Canopy is specialist in the development and financing of large international projects. Canopy is also a design-built contractor through the implementation of sustainable energy technology.



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