Cattle grazing and tree crops on the same land

Cattle breeding and grazing is very professionally developed in the Paraguay Chaco.

The total Paraguayan cattle stock is projected at 15 million heads for 2014. 

Paraguayan beef production for 2014 is projected at a record of 540,000 tons of which 60% is exported placing Paraguay as the 3rd largest exporter of beef in South America. 

Pongamia plantations will become a very interesting option to extend the use of land from existing cattle breeding and grazing and thus increase revenues for adjacent land owners. 



Our method of agriculture is defined as “Silvopastoral Agriculture” which means that we apply trees and livestock on the same land. 

The leaves and pods of Pongamia are not toxic such as Jatropha, but do have a nasty taste which allows for cattle grazing under and around the trees.

An additional advantage lays in the fact that Pongamia tree roots produce nitrogen, a natural fertilizer, causing grass to grow abundantly around and under the trees without the need of fertilizing.

In order to let the young trees prosper, we rotate the cattle pastures into the tree plantations after the first 2 years of growth.

The business model calculates with cattle grazing on, ultimately, the full extent of our land. 



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