Economic and Social Impacts

Code of conduct for responsible agriculture

The economic and social impact of volume Pongamia plantations will be considerable for the Paraguay Chaco region.

We estimate the following impacts per 10,000 hectare of Pongamia plantation:



  • Creation of an estimated 250 direct permenant jobs

  • Work force creation for the land preparation and planting of 6 million trees

  • Work force for the harvesting of 180,000 tons of pods per year

  • Crushing capacity for 240,000 tons per year

  • Crude vegetable oil production and export of 50 million liters

  • Infrastructure & irrigation maintenance

  • Creation of tree nurseries operations

  • Cattle management

  • Creation of apiculture

  • Animal feed (protein) production from seed cake



  • Full implication and involvement of native Chaco population 
  • Employees’ housing programs

  • School programs

  • Medical support programs

  • Technology & know-how transfer

  • Training of local workforce

  • Best practices transfer

World Bank’s seven-principle code of conduct for responsible agro-investment

  • Respecting local land rights

  • Ensuring local food security

  • Ensuring transparency and good governance

  • Consultations with all stake holders

  • Responsible agro-investing

  • Social sustainability

  • Environmental sustainability



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